Famous Los Angeles Hotels

Los Angeles is often referred to as the "Golden city of Angels." It is the second largest populated city in the United States and also one of the largest ones in terms of area. Los Angeles is situated in the southern part of California and attracts a lot of tourists every year. Since there are loads of tourists and businessmen visiting Los Angeles for holiday and business purposes, there are a variety of hotels in this city. In fact, Los Angeles is home to some of the leading hotels of the world.

There are many hotels in Los Angeles that are world famous and each one of these is known its own distinct atmosphere and ambience. For instance, some of these famous hotels are located under the palm-tree shade of Beverly Hills whereas some others portray the star-studded nightlife of West Hollywood. Some hotels located near the Los Angeles international airport are also quite famous.

The Westin Bonaventure Hotel is located in a picturesque setting and is one of the famous hotels in Los Angeles. This famous hotel has rooms with dramatic décor and stylish furnishings. All the rooms of this hotel have been designed in a unique style and are located in five cylindrical towers, which provide spectacular skyline views. Other hotels such as Crowne Plaza Hotel Los Angeles International Airport and The Bel Age West Hollywood Hotel are famous for their exquisite service standards.

Since the location of the Crowne Plaza Hotel is very close to the international airport, it is a favorite amongst people visiting Los Angeles for business purposes, who find the proximity of the airport, convenient. The Bel Age West Hollywood Hotel is situated off the sunset strip of West Hollywood and is surrounded by hills. This location is extremely popular amongst guests who can hop across to the many trendy boutiques, nightclubs and restaurants in this fashionable part of Los Angeles.

There is nothing much to choose in terms of services and amenities offered by the various famous Los Angeles hotels. The difference lies in the atmosphere they create and the views they facilitate.

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