Cheap Health Insurance in Los Angeles, California

Even movie stars get sick and although they may not necessarily be too concerned with the cost of their health insurance premiums, most individuals who live in Los Angeles, California are. Having cheap health insurance gives a person not only peace of mind but it also keeps a little extra money in their wallet. There are little known ways to secure a cheaper insurance plan and they include:

• Opting not to have co-payment coverage for standard doctor visits. Many health insurance companies will offer their clients the option of paying less per visit at a doctor’s office in exchange for lower premiums. By taking that clause out of the policy an individual can expect to see their premiums plummet.
• Only taking out hospital coverage. If you are generally a really healthy person you may not need much more than hospital coverage. Consider how many times you’ve visited a doctor in the last few years before deciding on a policy like this.
• Ask about coverage with your employer. Many employers offer group health insurance coverage to their employees at a reduced rate. This can be a great benefit to take advantage of.

Students who live and attend school in the Los Angeles area are often eligible for coverage through their educational institution. This is a great resource for kids who are no longer covered by their parent’s plan or for those who haven’t had any coverage in some time. The premiums are typically due at the same time as the school fees are. If a student does still qualify for coverage on another plan through an employer or their parents, they likely will be required to withdraw in writing from the plan. Otherwise this is really one of the best ways for young people to find cheap health insurance in Los Angeles, California.

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